ZooEasy is ready for Windows 10

Windows-10-LogoSince the rollout of Windows 10, more and more people use this new version. Our test showed that ZooEasy Stand Alone works great on Windows 10. You don’t have to do anything extra to make it work. After you have installed the new Windows, the program will work immediately.

Create a backup
Although we didn’t experience any trouble while updating the computer to Windows 10, we always advise to create a backup of all your files. Keep this backup on a different place than your own computer, like an external hard disk or USB stick. If anything goes wrong, you can just re-install your computer and continue using your own database that you’ve maintained with care.

Microsoft Edge
We also have good news for users of ZooEasy Online. We also did a browser test with Microsoft Edge, the successor of Internet Explorer. After the installation of Windows 10, Edge will automatically become the new browser, unless you have chosen another one. All features of the program work well, so we don’t expect there will be any problem for using ZooEasy Online when you will be using this new internet browser.

Errors? Contact us
Do you experience any issues after all? Please contact us. Tell us which error has occurred and which version of Windows you’re using. You can also make a screenshot, so we can try to mimic the error. We will try to fix this for you.

New: import files in ZooEasy Online

Inrichten databaseFrom now on, you can import your own Stand Alone files into ZooEasy Online. Discover our brand new Online database with your own animals!

Click on one of the links below for more information. You will be redirected to our new website:

ZooEasy Online
Some features work differently in ZooEasy Online. That means that some files can’t be imported, while other files must be imported manually. Read more about importing your database.

Roadmap to import your files into ZooEasy Online
Take a moment to read the roadmap and start right away with importing your files into ZooEasy Online. Click here for the roadmap to import your own files.

Try ZooEasy Online without charge
Try ZooEasy Online free for 30 days. During this trial period, you can import your own files and you’ll have full support. Now you can discover how nice it is to use our online database. Click here and try ZooEasy Online without charge!

Do you have any questions about ZooEasy Online or about importing your files? Please contact us at our helpdesk. We’re here to help you!

New: ZooEasy Version 12 available today!

Extensive pedigree with pictures in Version 12.

Extensive pedigree with pictures in Version 12.

Today is the day: ZooEasy Version 12 is available! The new version is even easier to use. It’s perfect for starters and professional breeders. It’s a feast of recognition for everyone who has been using ZooEasy for years. Version 12 is the newest and last version that needs to be installed on your own computer. With ZooEasy Stand Alone breeders can register their animals and improve breeding results.

New features
Version 12 has several new features. Click here for a preview of the newest updates. Do you currently use Version 10 or lower? Then you’ll find much more new possibilities.
– Click here for new features in Version 12
– Click here for new features in Version 11 and below

Discount for ZooEasy users
Do you currently use Version 11 or below? Then you will receive almost 50% discount on ZooEasy Version 12! Keep your customer or serial number at hand to upgrade and profit right away. After installation you can continue immediately with your own database. All registered customers will receive a personal e-mail in the upcoming week. Would you like to try Version 12 for free? Download the free demo. You will find this on the information page of your animal species. And please tell us what you think about this new version!

Would you like to use ZooEasy online, instead of an installation on your own computer? Click here for more information about ZooEasy Online, which will be released on 21th. of November.

Update to Version 12 and surf to: standalone.zooeasy.com
1. Chose your animal species
2. Click on Order now
3. Click on Subscriptions and make your choice

Preview Version 12

Lately we’ve been working hard on ZooEasy Online and the release of Version 12. Version 12 will be released on 14 November. We offer you a sneak peek. Discover what’s new in this last version for the PC!

Extensive pedigree with pictures in Version 12.

Extensive pedigree with pictures in Version 12.

More information visible
By popular request the pedigree now shows the pictures of all generations of animals. It is easier to see who the owner and/or breeder of the animal is. The age of all animals is now shown in years, months and days. This makes it easier and more fun!

Easier to use

The records of breeders and/or owners are just one click away on the detailed screen of the animal.

The records of breeders and/or owners are just one click away on the detailed screen of the animal.

We have also changed some features, so they are easier to use. Sort the list with e.g. animals ascending and descending. This way you can easily find what you are searching for. The relationship matrix has been is extended. You will see more animals in one overview.

Easy upgrade
After the installation of Version 12 you can easily import your current database. You won’t lose your

For animals younger than 1 month, the age is now indicated in days.

The age of your animals is now indicated in years, months and days.

data! Do you currently use Version 11? Then all personal lay-out settings will be stored when you upgrade. If you are currently using ZooEasy, we will send you a personal e-mail Mid-November to order the new version.

Tell us what you think!
This will be the very last update for the stand alone version of ZooEasy. Next year we will only develop

With just one click of the mouse you can see the owner or breeder of the animal.

With just one click of the mouse you can see the owner or breeder of the animal.

the online version. This will integrate with the many requests to access the program anytime and everywhere. We are proud on the development this program has made so far. We expect you to use Version 12 with pleasure for many years. What do you think? Let us know!

Which version is the best for me?

logo_zooeasyThese are exciting times for our team! In November we will release two new versions. Version 12 will be full of recognition for everyone who now uses version 11 or below. This will be the last version that can be installed on your computer. In addition we are working hard on ZooEasy Online, so you can register all your animals online in the very near future!

1. When will ZooEasy version 12 will be released?
Version 12 is the very last version that can be installed on your own computer. After this we will continue to develop online versions. At this moment, our fabulous team of testers is testing our new program. Version 12 follows mid-November 2014.

2. Can I use ZooEasy online?
After the release of Version 12 we will also release our whole new product. Soon you can put your animals in the cloud with ZooEasy Online. Imagine to login on your database with your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone! Extra handy: you won’t lose your data anymore after a computer crash! In addition we will develop an app for specific use on exhibitions and on the go.
Do mind: Version 12 cannot be used online.

3. Two new versions: which one is the best for me?
Version 12 will be installed on one computer. For ZooEasy Online you need to login to the ZooEasy website to access your own database. That’s the biggest difference.

ZooEasy Online Single User has many known functions, but Stand Alone users will miss some features, like finances and breeding cards. In the future we will add this functions. The biggest advantage is the online use of the program. This makes ZooEasy suitable for tablets like iPad, Apple computers and smartphones.

Version 12 is the improved version of your current program. This can be installed on your own computer. We recommend Version 12 for breeders of birds, pigeons and poultry. We also recommend Version 12 if the finances are important to you. In addition, this will be the very last version for your own computer. With the new version you are completely up to date with the newest features.

4. Did I see a new website design on Facebook?
That’s right! Glad you noticed! At the same time we will release ZooEasy Online Single User and the new website. The website will look nicer, up to date and really convenient.

5. Let us know what you think! 
Changes are always exciting. We think so too. Follow us on Faceook, Twitter or Google+ and tell us what you think!

Tips & Tricks: a new computer! But what to do next?

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: how to use the backup function to install your current database on the new computer.

Since Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft, lots of people have changed their computer or Windows version. Luckily ZooEasy works very well on other systems like Windows 7 and 8. Here is our support to help you installing ZooEasy on your new computer.

Tip: start right away with your own database
As a user of ZooEasy it’s very likely you already have your own database with all your animals. Before installing ZooEasy on your new computer, you will first have to make a backup of your current database. Put the backup on a flash drive or other portable device. After installing ZooEasy on the new computer you can activate the backup. Go the the menu File and choose Import data. Select the file ‘database’ on your flash drive and import this directly to your new computer. You can continue with your own database immediately.

Trick: make a new backup
Congratulations! You’ve installed everything right on your new computer. Now don’t forget to make a new backup, so your data is always save. Here’s how to make an backup automatically after closing ZooEasy:

1. Open ZooEasy
2. Go to File
3. Choose System Settings
4. Choose the tab Backup
5. Click on ‘Automatically create a backup before exiting ZooEasy’
6. Change the location of the backup. Click on the three dots to choose the right location. This cannot be the installation file of ZooEasy.
7. Click on Ok.

Now your files are save on the new computer. And to add a last trick: save the database on the flash drive and save your new backup there regularly. If something might happen to your (new) computer, your data will be save.

Useful link:Instruction for the installation of ZooEasy for cd or download versions.

Tips & Tricks: license information

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: license information

When purchasing ZooEasy you will always receive a seral number and an activation code. These two combined are called the license information. This information is neccessary to install the full version of the program. You will receive the license information by e-mail. It’s important to keep this well.

Tip: save the e-mail digitally
It’s practical to print the e-mail with the license information. It’s even easier to save the original e-mail. In this mail you will find practical links to (re) install ZooEasy quickly. You can save this e-mail digitally, for example in the folder where you have also kept your ZooEasy backup.

Trick: copy and paste the licence information
When (re) installing ZooEasy it’s possible to enter the license information manually. By using the functions ‘copy and paste’ on the computer, the information will be filled in quickly and without mistakes. It is important to copy both codes without spaces. The extra spaces will be read by the program, so the program will think the code is incorrect.

For filling in the license information you can follow these steps:
1. Go to the chapter Enter Licence information. Follow the instruction of the e-mail.
2. Select the serial number by putting the cursor in front of the serial number. Click on the left mouse button and hold it.
3. Move with the mouse over the serial code until the whole code is ‘blue’. (Please note that there hasn’t been copied ‘spaces’ before or after the serial code). Let go of the mouse button.
4. Click on the right mouse button. Choose ‘Copy’ in the menu that appears now.
5. Go to the screen ‘Licence’ of ZooEasy
6. Click with the left mouse button on the field ‘Serial code’. A cursor will appear
7. Click on the right mouse button and select in the menu ‘Paste’
8. Follow these same steps for the actication code and click on ‘Ok’

Now your program will be activated and you’re ready to use ZooEasy.

Wanted: awesome animals with their owners!

Which breeders and animals will feature our new website?

Which breeders and animals will feature our new website?

These are exciting times at ZooEasy headquarters. In cooperation with Arjan Yspeert of YA! Internet Marketing, the Netherlands, we’re busy with several renewals for ZooEasy. We’re working on the development of ZooEasy version 12, so we can release this version at the end of this year. Also, we’re on Facebook now. Did you see the renewed style of the globe at the cover? That’s the first glimpse of what we’ll reveal for now!

Be a star on the new website
Our website will get a new look as well. And we would like to ask for your help. For the new website we’re looking for pictures of real breeders with their animals. Do you and your animal(s) would like to shine on our new website? We are looking forward to receive your pictures!

All pictures will be put on Facebook. From all the entries we will make a selection that will be used on the website. With your entry you agree that ZooEasy can use the images in all online communication.

We are looking forward to receive your greatest photos! You can send your pictures to: femke@zooeasy.com

Important news for Stand Alone users

logo_zooeasyThis yearZooEasy does not release a new version for Stand Alone users. In the past year ZooEasy has been occupied with the further development of ZooEasy Online, which is used by many associations. The new version for Stand Alone users will be postponed until the end of 2014.

Subscription version 11 expended by one year for free
Do you use version 11? Your subscription has been extended by one year for free, so you can still use the helpdesk and updates.

More possibilities with version 11
Do you have an outdated version of ZooEasy? You can still use your database. You can also switch to version 11. This will give you new features, like editing multiple data at once for a group of animals, register the animals born dead or alive and much more. Read more. 

Discount for customers with version 10 and lower
Customers with version 10 and lower will receive 10% discount at ZooEasy Stand Alone. This offer is valid until the first of February 2014. In just a few steps you can switch to version 11 and start right away with your own trusted database:

1. Go to www.zooeasy.com and click on your animal of choice
2. Click on Order Now
3. Click on Subscriptions
4. Choose the Download or CD version and click on Order by Internet
5. Keep your client code or serial number at hand and fill in the form

ZooEasy wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy 2014!