Tips & Tricks

This section gives you tips and tricks on using ZooEasy. Jan Vissinga explains:

Tip 1: Backup your data!
Despite all the facilities available in the program, it happens to customers regularly that they lose all their data after a computer crash.
There is no problem regarding the license data and the installation procedure: we can send it again. That is different for the registered data. We do not know what data you have stored and it is up to the customers to back up their files regularly.

In ZooEasy we have three possible ways to backup data:
1. At closing the program you can be asked to make a backup.
2. Click on the menu File, choose for option Create backup to create a backup anytime you wish to do so.
3. In the menu File, there is an option System settings which contains the tab Backup. You can set the program to create a backup every time you will close ZooEasy.
This option lets you indicate that more than one backup must be made before the previously made backup is overwritten. This will give an extra guarantee to keep your files safely.

If you make a backup, do that preferably and in all cases to external media (USB stick, external hard drive, or in the “Cloud”), but not on the hard disk itself. This way you will not lose your backup if your computer would crash.

Tip 2: How to transfer ZooEasy to another computer
When purchasing a new computer, you should fully install ZooEasy on the new computer. Copying and pasting the folder where ZooEasy is installed, is not enough! In that case not all required components, which have been installed in the Windows folders, would be included.

After you have fully installed and activated ZooEasy on your new computer, you should follow the steps of tip 1, to make a new backup.

If you have not, like the description in Tip 1 have made a backup, than it is advisible to do so and transfer the files through the previously made backup.

Trick 1: Prevent the database to request a password
Some customers experienced password problems when reading or trying to watch a backup; they have been asked for an unknown password.

Opening the database using Access is password protected. Using the password to approach the database with Access is strongly discouraged. One single mutation that is done wrong, can cause that your entire database will not be approachable for ZooEasy. When starting ZooEasy and opening the database through our program, we do a series of integrity checks. If one is not completed positive, the program cannot go further and it may be that all data is lost.

The program uses the password while you access, retrieve and save data continuously. Also the password is used with creating and replacing the database (with a backup), and the user does not need the password to the database.

If your computer would crash and you have made a backup on an extern medium (see Tip 1), you can access and retrieve the backup after installing ZooEasy. Restoring the database may then be done by following these steps:

1. Install and activate ZooEasy.
2. Start ZooEasy.
3. Close the list with animals, so only the main menu is open.
4. Click on the menu File.
5. Click on the option Restore backup.
6. Search for your folder in the then shown screen, like your USB stick.
7. On this USB stick there is a file called “database.mdb”.
8. Select this file (by clicking once) and click on “Open”.
If you click on the mdb file twice, the database will ask for the password.
9. ZooEasy now loads the database and the program will be restarted.

Trick 2: ZooEasy on MAC
ZooEasy can be used on a MAC computer, but not directly.

First you will need to install a program like VMWare or Parallels Desktop on your MAC. With these you will have the option to create and install virtual computers on your MAC. Be careful that if you do so, you will have to assign enough memory to this virtual computer. In this virtual environment you can install a Windows version (XP or a later version). If this virtual Windows computer works well, you will have to make a shared folder that is connected to the MAC, if you don’t use the internet in this virtual Windows computer. The installation can start from this shared folder.
If this virtual Windowns environment on the Mac does have a connection to the internet, you can download ZooEasy from the internet and execute the installation.

When the program is installed, you can activate ZooEasy. Then you may make a backup of your windows computer (see previous tricks & tricks). This created backup can be transferred to the virtual Windows environment.

This requires many steps, but this is the (only) way to use ZooEasy on a MAC computer.