Tips & Tricks: license information

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Tips & Tricks: license information

When purchasing ZooEasy you will always receive a seral number and an activation code. These two combined are called the license information. This information is neccessary to install the full version of the program. You will receive the license information by e-mail. It’s important to keep this well.

Tip: save the e-mail digitally
It’s practical to print the e-mail with the license information. It’s even easier to save the original e-mail. In this mail you will find practical links to (re) install ZooEasy quickly. You can save this e-mail digitally, for example in the folder where you have also kept your ZooEasy backup.

Trick: copy and paste the licence information
When (re) installing ZooEasy it’s possible to enter the license information manually. By using the functions ‘copy and paste’ on the computer, the information will be filled in quickly and without mistakes. It is important to copy both codes without spaces. The extra spaces will be read by the program, so the program will think the code is incorrect.

For filling in the license information you can follow these steps:
1. Go to the chapter Enter Licence information. Follow the instruction of the e-mail.
2. Select the serial number by putting the cursor in front of the serial number. Click on the left mouse button and hold it.
3. Move with the mouse over the serial code until the whole code is ‘blue’. (Please note that there hasn’t been copied ‘spaces’ before or after the serial code). Let go of the mouse button.
4. Click on the right mouse button. Choose ‘Copy’ in the menu that appears now.
5. Go to the screen ‘Licence’ of ZooEasy
6. Click with the left mouse button on the field ‘Serial code’. A cursor will appear
7. Click on the right mouse button and select in the menu ‘Paste’
8. Follow these same steps for the actication code and click on ‘Ok’

Now your program will be activated and you’re ready to use ZooEasy.