Tips & Tricks

This column will give you useful tips and tricks on how to use ZooEasy. This time we got a tip from Paul Greeve, the ZooEasy Online manager of the Flatcoated Retriever Club (FRC).

The members log in on ZooEasy Online via the internet. Sometimes it occurs that someone cannot log onto his or her account, while others do not experience this problem. This problem often lies in the internet browser that has been used. Safari (Apple) for instance, works less well for ZooEasy Online. The members of associations and herd books may work best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Tip: installation of Mozilla Firefox on a MAC computer
MAC users are advised to install the free internet browser Mozilla Firefox. Search the list for the download button of your language and computer system. The download will start automatically. It is advised to have a Mac OS X 10.5 or higher with a Intel processor. More information and a video manual can be found on the help page of Firefox.

The MAC users of the Flatcoated Retriever Club can now continue using ZooEasy Online with this useful tip. Would you like to share your tips and tricks too? Then you can click on the right on the link: “Mail us”.