ZooEasy Standalone will be discontinued

As from 1 January 2020, we will discontinue the Standalone version of ZooEasy. From this date we are transferring completely to ZooEasy Online. Are you using our program now? Then a number of things will change for you. But do not worry; we value you as a loyal user of ZooEasy. That’s why we’re going to help you so that you can continue with the program of your choice.

What will change?

  • From 1 June 2019, this website will go offline, and the Standalone version will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Do you have a download subscription of version 13? Please remember to download a backup for your own use. You can download your current version using your license mail for free until May 2020.
  • We are developing a new Standalone version that no longer checks whether your version is legal. This is necessary because the control servers will be out of service from 1 January 2020.
  • If you are using version 13, you can download this update for free.
  • If you have version 10, 11 or 12, you will receive an error message from 1 January 2020, and you will no longer be able to use the program. To continue ZooEasy stand alone, you need to upgrade your program to Version 13 before 1 Juni 2019.
  • From 1 January 2020, support for your Standalone version will expire. You can continue to use the update of version 13, provided your operating system supports the software.

ZooEasy Online: your familiar data with a new look

As promised, we would like to continue to help you. That is why we are going to develop ZooEasy Online in such a way that you can switch seamlessly.

  • From the end of 2019, ZooEasy Online will be able to do almost anything your current program can do.
  • You can therefore transfer to the online version without loss of data.
  • Securely log into your database anytime and from anywhere; from home, with friends or during a show.
  • Your data is always safe. You will never have to make a backup again.
  • Updates are free and are immediately visible in your online database.

You do not have to do anything yet.

You can continue to use ZooEasy Standalone for the coming months. We will keep you informed of all developments. This way you can easily choose how you want to register your animals in the future.

Did you not receive an email from us advising that ZooEasy Standalone will be discontinued?
Please contact our helpdesk and we will add you to our mailing list.

Do you have any questions, or do you want help to switch to ZooEasy Online now?
Let us know!

What should I consider when ZooEasy Stand Alone is no longer sold?

As of June 1st, 2019, we will phase out the Stand Alone version of ZooEasy. From that date we will no longer sell this product. From 1st January, 2020, onwards, only version 13.05 users will be able to work with the product and from 1st June, 2020, the Helpdesk will cease support. We are going to help you to prepare for this change. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. Will ZooEasy stop everything?
    ZooEasy will only cease sales and support of the Stand Alone version. This is the program that was released in 1993, which you installed on your own computer. But we certainly will not be stopping! Check out http://www.zooeasy.com for our online version. You can change to this version at any time.
  1. If I switch to the online version, can I use my existing data?
    ZooEasy Online looks slightly different, but you can easily use your data. We are going to make a small change to the Stand Alone version, which will be free if you have Version 13. This will enable you to save your data and then import it to your ZooEasy Online account. We will also provide a handy step-by-step guide for doing this yourself.
  1. Can I continue to use my Stand Alone program?
    From January 1st, 2020, you will only be able to use Version 13.05. From that date, our control servers will be down. These servers check whether you are using a legal version of ZooEasy. When they longer work, you will only be able to work with Stand Alone Version 13.05. In the Version 13.05 this check is disabled.
    Do you use Version 13 now? Then you can download Version 13.05 for free via this link. Download this version before May 31st, 2020. Then you can continue using the program as long as your computer supports the software. From 1st June, 2020, you will no longer be able to download this update.
    Do you have Version 10, 11 or 12? Then purchase Version 13 via the website before May 31, 2019, and you will automatically receive Version 13.05. If you do not take any action, you will not be able to use the Stand Alone version from 1st January, 2020, and you will no longer be able to access your data.
    1. Go to http://standalone.zooeasy.com
    2. Click on your animal species
    3. Click order now
    4. Click on the subscriptions tab
    5. Choose for download subscription
    6. Fill out the form with your customer number and complete the calculation
    7. Once you have received your order, you can install it and use Version 13.05.
    Do you have Version 9 or lower? Then you can continue to use the program as long as your computer supports the software.
  1. What is my activation code?
    When you purchased the Stand Alone version you received a serial number and an activation code. These can be found in the original license mailed from ZooEasy. You need the activation code to be able to use the Stand Alone version without restrictions. If you no longer have this information, then contact the helpdesk before 31st May, 2020, and we’ll send it to you again. Keep it safe, because from 1st June, 2020, the help desk support will no longer be available and we will no longer be able to send you this information.
  1. How do I download a back up of Version 13 that I have purchased?
    You can download this version up to 31st May, 2020, via this link. Keep it in a different location than your own laptop or PC. For example, on an external hard disk that is not normally connected to the computer or USB stick. Note: keep your license details at hand when installing this version.
  1. Do I automatically get Version 13.05 if I have Version 12 or lower, and buy Version 13?
    Yes, as soon as you buy Version 13 you will automatically receive Version 13.05.

Absence support during holidays

kerstkaartje-ZooEasyDuring the holidays we can’t be reached from 23th of December 2017 until 7st of January 2018. Maybe take a look at our frequently asked questions to see if you can solve it yourself:

ZooEasy stand alone: http://standalone.zooeasy.com/en/support/breeders/faq/index.html

ZooEasy Online:

We’ll be back Monday January 8, to answer all your questions again.
From all of us, a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Discount code ZooEasy

Yesterday we E-mailed all ZooEasy users about our discount code. Due to an error, this code wasn’t properly working yet. We fixed this. If you enter the discount code ZV13 on the form, it will automatically be processed.

If you still have questions, please contact our helpdesk. We hope you’ll enjoy the new version!

What’s new in Version 13?

2bZooEasy Version 13 is available now and has several new and improved features. In this blog you will find what has changed to improve your ZooEasy experience.

New: how relevant is the inbreeding percentage?
At this moment, you see at a glance the inbreeding percentage of each animal. An inbreeding percentage of 0% is excellent. But this number is not of any value when the parents of this animal are unknown. That’s why we now automatically calculate how many ancestors are known. This number is expressed in the abbreviation EEG (Equivalent Entire Generations). Now you know how valuable your information is.

The EEG is calculated as follows:
Every ancestor has a certain value:
Parent: 0,5
Grandparent: 0,25
Greatgrandparent: 0,125
Greatgreatgrandparent: 0,0625, etc.

Our software counts up all the ancestors. If you know both parents of the animal, but have no further information of other descendants, the EEG is: 0,5+0,5 = 1. Do you also have information about all 4 grandparents, the calculation is: 0,5+0,5+0,25+0,25+0,25+0,25 = 2. But if you know the mother and 2 grandparents, but you don’t know the parents on father’s side, the EEG value becomes 1,5. In short: the higher the number, the more exact the chance that your inbreeding percentage provides a good reflection of reality.

Click on the image below to view this in full size2b

New: completeness pedigree
Besides the EEG you can also quickly see how complete the pedigree of each animal is. The value indicates how many complete generations are known. For example, if both parents and all 4 grandparents of the animal are in the database, you will have 2 complete generations. But if both parents of the animal are known, but only 3 grandparents, you only have 1 complete generation.

The completeness of your pedigree says something about the value of the indicated inbreeding percentage. The more generations of ancestors are complete, the more reliable your inbreeding percentages are. In addition, you quickly see which data is still missing. For example, use the search function to look for all animals with less than 10 generations of complete pedigrees. Now you know exactly which animals you can research to find out more about their ancestors.

What’s the difference between completeness pedigree and EEG?
The values of the completeness pedigree and EEG can sometimes be the same. The EEG indicates how many ancestors are known in total. This counts every ancestor in your database. The feature completeness pedigree only checks the number of complete generations. As soon as there’s 1 ancestor missing, the count stops and this generation isn’t counted for the number of complete generations.

New: transfer certificate
Breeders can use a transfer certificate when selling their animal. The certificate shows the contact details of the current and new owner, a detailed description of the animal and a health statement. Read more in this blog about the transfer certificate for bird breeders.

Improved features
–        Have you added contact details of judges to your Show results? From now on you find these contacts in your list of contacts, in the tab Judges. Tip: walk through this list once to see if the initials, name and contact details are complete.
–        When you print a pedigree of an animal, you can now also add the results of each show in the list with results.
–        Do you add an animal via the pedigree? Now you can add the status color and deceased date. This will prevent you for editing parent animals (who have deceased in many cases) twice in order to get your data right.

Do you currently use Version 11 or lower?
Then you can also upgrade directly to Version 13. You will even find more new features than mentioned in this article. Which new features you can expect, depends on your current version.

–        Click here for changes since Version 12
–        Click here for changes for Version 11 and below

How do I upgrade to Version 13?
Do you use ZooEasy at this moment? Then just follow these next few steps:

1.      Click here or copy the following link to your browser: http://standalone.zooeasy.com/
2.      Choose your animal species*
3.      Click on Order now
4.      Do you already use ZooEasy? Click on the tab Subscriptions
5.      Choose your version: CD-Rom or Download and click on Order by Internet
6.      Fill in your discount code: ZV13 and receive 20% discount. This is automatically processed
7.      Fill in the form
8.      Check your details and pay your order

*Is your animal species not in this list? Choose a random animal species. At step 7 you can choose the right animal species from the extended list.

As soon as you receive your license code from us, you can start using Version 13. Would you like to continue with your own data right away? Just import your own database to Version 13. This way you continue where you have left.

New: transfer certificate for birds

1bDo you trade a lot with bird breeders abroad? Then you may have to deal with their request or legal obligation for a transfer certificate. The Dutch Association for Bird (NBvV) has consolidated with ZooEasy and together we have made a transfer certificate available to make international trades easier. Now someone abroad can buy your birds and import them with the correct document. In addition, the transfer certificate gives information about the health of the bird, so the new owner can now breed responsibly with these birds.

Where do I find the transfer certificate in Version 13?
1. Click on the menu Birds
2. Click on a bird
3. Click on Details
4. Click on the tab Reports
5. Now choose the option Transfer certificate

What information is on the transfer certificate?
The transfer certificate shows all information that is needed by the new owner of the animal. Here you will find:

  • Name and contact details of the owner
  • Name and contact details of the buyer
  • Description of the bird
  • Confirmation that the bird was transferred in good health
  • Signature of the current and new owner

Click on the image below to view full size1b

In some countries, like Germany, a transfer certificate is required by law. In addition, it sometimes depends on the bird species you buy or sell. This transfer certificate meets the requirements of the NBvV and that of the international trade.

Advantages of a transfer certificate
Even if you don’t transfer your animals to breeders abroad, you can still have advantages by using this transfer certificate. By this certificate, you as a buyer are better protected by law if your bird does happen to have an illness. In addition, you can add extra information about the bird for the new owner. For example, add information about the descent and inbreeding of the animal. With this information you give the new owner extra knowledge to handle your birds with care. Finally, a transfer certificate is useful for your own records, so even after a busy show you know exactly who you sold your birds too, or who you bought your birds from. You can add this information to your ZooEasy software.

How did ZooEasy came up with the transfer certificate?
We choose to add a transfer certificate after talking to the NBvV. Together we have made a certificate which meets all requirements, but it still quite understandable. Print this certificate and add your information on the spot, or select an animal and ZooEasy will fill in all the required information automatically.

Is the transfer certificate also available for other animal species?
This certificate has been developed mainly for the demands of bird breeders, but you can also use this transfer certificate when selling or buying other animal species. ZooEasy adds the details of your animal automatically in your transfer certificate, or you can choose to print an empty form, where you fill in your information later.

The transfer certificate is available since December 2016 in Stand Alone Version 13 and will soon also be available in ZooEasy Online.

Coming soon: release ZooEasy Version 13

ZooEasy Stand AloneAt the start of December we will release ZooEasy Version 13. Here we have included several new features including a little extra for (international) bird breeders. At this moment we’re in the last testing phase, but we’re happy to tell you what to expect from the new version.

More knowledge about your animals
Enthusiasts of numbers and genetics are all excited about the new feature ‘equivalent entire generation’. With this you will soon be able to see the inbreeding of your animals, plus how complete the information is where the inbreeding number is based on. That makes the outcome of this value even more valuable.

We will also automatically calculate how complete the pedigree of each animal is. That value is indicated by a number. For example, if you have added both parents and 4 grandparents, the value is 2. If you also added all greatgrandparents, this value is 3. It’s easy to gain quick insights to your incomplete pedigrees, so you can add extra information when this is available.

Transfer certificate for bird breeders
Bird breeders benefit from the new transfer certificate. This is a form to use when you buy or sell birds. A transfer certificate isn’t a legal obligation in most countries, but some bird breeders need to use this by their countries law. That’s why we have drawn up a transfer certificate in close cooperation with the Dutch Associations of Bird enthusiasts (NBvV).

Why have we developed a new version?
In the past we thought ZooEasy Version 12 would be the last version of this stand alone program. But we noticed that many breeders love the program still very much. Some like it better because the Stand Alone version contains different features such as the finances, others appreciate the option to have their program on just one computer. That’s why we have added and improved several features.

Want to know more?
The new version is available at the beginning of December 2016. Are you already using ZooEasy? Then you will receive an e-mail from us as soon as Stand Alone Version 13 is available.

Winter sale ZooEasy

Winter is the best time to complete your knowledge and date about your animals. How do your animals of 2015 grow up? And what would you like for 2016? ZooEasy software helps to keep track of all your information. The program gives you better insight to understand which animals form a good couple and how to improve your breeding results.

Winter sales: 10% discount
This winter ZooEasy gives you 10% off on Version 12 (click here for more information about Version 12). Install our program on your own computer. Now you will get better insight of all your animals.


Even more discount for customers

Do you already use ZooEasy on your own computer? Then you purchase the newest version for just the half the price. Your data will be saved, so you can continue immediately after your upgrade. And don’t forget to use the discount code of this special winter offer!

Discount code & order ZooEasy
1. Visit the homepage and click on your animal species
2. Click in the menu on the left on Order now
3. Are you already a customer? Click on Subscriptions
4. Make a choice: download or CD-version
5. Fill in the form. Your discount code is: winter01

Delivery time
Download version
You will receive your license code within three working days after your order. It can be sooner, but that depends on the speed of which the money of your bank is transferred. Would you rather start right away? Download the demo version to get to know the program and fill in your license code later on to use the full version.

Cd version
The CD will be sent by mail within three working days after your order. Shipping time depends on the country you live in. Due to Christmas it can take a little longer for your package to arrive. Please take that in mind if you would like to give ZooEasy as a present.

Team ZooEasy wishes all breeders a happy and healthy 2016!

Tips ZooEasy Stand Alone

Tips & TricksZooEasy Version 12 was released in December 2014 and it’s still very popular among breeders. Register your animals easily in your own personal ZooEasy database. Gain better insight of your animals, such as characteristics, their characters and health. Want to start breeding? Create a trial pedigree to see if two animals are related. Keep track of your information and improve breeding results.

Tip 1: exchange your records with other breeders
Sometimes you wish to exchange your input with other breeders, like when you bought your animal from another breeder, of when your animal forms part of a breeding couple with an animal of different ownership. In those cases you can easily exchange your basic information and a pedigree with another breeder. You need the same or a higher version than the person you receive the data from. Send this by e-mail and your database is quickly up to date.

Tip 2: gain better insight in Version 12
In ZooEasy Version 12 you can gain even better insight of all your animals. A few tips and tricks:

  • Add pictures of your animals, so they will automatically appear on your pedigree
  • Check the box to see if you’re the breeder and/or owner of an animal
  • Know exactly how old your animal is, because the age is shown in years, months and days
  • Use the extended relationship matrix to see which males and females are related
  • Find your animals faster by sorting columns in ascending or descending order

Tip 3: your data won’t get lost by updating to a higher version
Do you already use ZooEasy? First make a backup of your data. Then you can install Version 12 on your computer. Import your backup and continue with your own animal database immediately.

Tip 4: create a backup
Your database is saved locally on your own computer, so every now and then it’s important to create a backup of your files. Keep this backup preferably at another hard drive, memory stick or in the cloud, so you will never have to start over after a computer crash.

Tip 5: ask our helpdesk
Do you have any questions? Ask our helpdesk! Version 12 users get one year of free helpdesk support. Our team is here to help you.

Extensive pedigree with pictures in Version 12.

Extensive pedigree with pictures in Version 12.

With just one click of the mouse you can see the owner or breeder of the animal.

With just one click of the mouse you can see the owner or breeder of the animal.

The records of breeders and/or owners are just one click away on the detailed screen of the animal.

The records of breeders and/or owners are just one click away on the detailed screen of the animal.

For animals younger than 1 month, the age is now indicated in days.

For animals younger than 1 month, the age is now indicated in days.

ZooEasy is ready for Windows 10

Windows-10-LogoSince the rollout of Windows 10, more and more people use this new version. Our test showed that ZooEasy Stand Alone works great on Windows 10. You don’t have to do anything extra to make it work. After you have installed the new Windows, the program will work immediately.

Create a backup
Although we didn’t experience any trouble while updating the computer to Windows 10, we always advise to create a backup of all your files. Keep this backup on a different place than your own computer, like an external hard disk or USB stick. If anything goes wrong, you can just re-install your computer and continue using your own database that you’ve maintained with care.

Microsoft Edge
We also have good news for users of ZooEasy Online. We also did a browser test with Microsoft Edge, the successor of Internet Explorer. After the installation of Windows 10, Edge will automatically become the new browser, unless you have chosen another one. All features of the program work well, so we don’t expect there will be any problem for using ZooEasy Online when you will be using this new internet browser.

Errors? Contact us
Do you experience any issues after all? Please contact us. Tell us which error has occurred and which version of Windows you’re using. You can also make a screenshot, so we can try to mimic the error. We will try to fix this for you.