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kerstkaartje-ZooEasyDuring the holidays we can’t be reached from 23th of December 2017 until 7st of January 2018. Maybe take a look at our frequently asked questions to see if you can solve it yourself:

ZooEasy stand alone: http://standalone.zooeasy.com/en/support/breeders/faq/index.html

ZooEasy Online:

We’ll be back Monday January 8, to answer all your questions again.
From all of us, a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

New: import files in ZooEasy Online

Inrichten databaseFrom now on, you can import your own Stand Alone files into ZooEasy Online. Discover our brand new Online database with your own animals!

Click on one of the links below for more information. You will be redirected to our new website:

ZooEasy Online
Some features work differently in ZooEasy Online. That means that some files can’t be imported, while other files must be imported manually. Read more about importing your database.

Roadmap to import your files into ZooEasy Online
Take a moment to read the roadmap and start right away with importing your files into ZooEasy Online. Click here for the roadmap to import your own files.

Try ZooEasy Online without charge
Try ZooEasy Online free for 30 days. During this trial period, you can import your own files and you’ll have full support. Now you can discover how nice it is to use our online database. Click here and try ZooEasy Online without charge!

Do you have any questions about ZooEasy Online or about importing your files? Please contact us at our helpdesk. We’re here to help you!

New: ZooEasy Online is available now!

Screenshot new websiteThe new website of ZooEasy Online is available now! Visit our new website and take a look around. Register your animals online and improve breeding results with the new subscriptions of ZooEasy Online. Your files are available online. Login anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Check your records when you’re at a dog show or exchange your pedigrees with another rabbit breeder. And it’s nice to know you won’t risk to lose your data after a computer crash. It’s great news for associations, kennel clubs and individual breeders!

Online or Stand Alone?
Version 12 will be installed on one computer. For ZooEasy Online you need to login to the ZooEasy website to access your own database. That’s the biggest difference. Click here to compare the list of all features.

Upgrade from Stand Alone to Online
Are you ready to start ZooEasy Online? You can start right away with a new database. Would you like to import your own files to ZooEasy Online? Please wait until February 1, 2015, so you can import all your files at once.
Have you already bought Version 12? Congratulations! If you would chose an annual subscription of ZooEasy Online, you will receive 32 dollars, 20 pounds or 25 euro discount for your paid amount of Version 12.

Start your free trial now!
Start your 30 days free trial of ZooEasy Online now! And tell us on Facebookand Twitter what you think about it!

Please note: from now on all information about ZooEasy Online will be published on the new website. We’ll keep you informed about all developments about Version 12 on this blog.

Tips & Tricks: double registration numbers

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: how can you go faster when you’re entering registration numbers? How to avoid a double registration number?

All animals have their own registration number. Dogs have pedigree numbers, bird breeders use ring numbers and rabbits have earmarks. How can you speed up the process of entering data? And how can you add a double registration number?

Tip: Prefix
The Prefix function can accelerate the process of entering multiple registration numbers. The Prefix is a standard code of the registration number. Bird breeders may use a breeding number, rabbit breeders use an earmark. If the first part of the number is the same, it’s easy to put this in the system as your standard number. When adding a new animals to the database, you will only have to fill in the last unique number of that animal.

1. Go to File, System settings
2. Click on the tab General and pick your animal species
3. Here you can fill in the Prefix of the registration number
4. Click on OK

Trick: Avoiding double registration numbers
It does happen that a breeder needs to enter the same registration number or ring number as before. This might happen if one breeder uses ZooEasy for multiple breeds or with imported animals from foreign lands. This is also a common problem for rabbit breeders, because the earmarks can be re-used every ten years. However, in ZooEasy every registration number must be unique. The program checks this automatically. When a double registration number is entered, an error will occur.

The solution to this issue is to add extra information to this number. This can be 2 additional letters as an abbreviation of the breed, or the country of origin, or the numbers 14 for an animal born in 2014. Bird breeders can also add the ring size. This way double registration numbers can be added to ZooEasy, while the animal keeps his unique code.


“The members were pleasantly surprised with this many data in the database!”

Doris Knoester

Doris Knoester and her Australian Shepherd

More and more dog breeding associations use ZooEasy Online for their administration. Doris Knoester is the manager for the Australian Shepherd Club Netherlands (ASCN). “With ZooEasy we now have a nice tool to analyse and register all the data.”

Great references
The club has joined ZooEasy in 2011. Doris Knoester: “We were using GSC Datamanager, but we were looking for a complete package that would give us more certainty for the future regarding the continuity and development of more functionalities of the database.” Doris then asked other breeding associations for more information. “I liked the way ZooEasy looks from the start and it had great references.” The ASCN uses ZooEasy mostly to monitor the health data of the dogs, like DNA results and hip researches. Doris Knoester: “It is also nice that the program calculates all the kinship and inbreeding percentages.”

As the manager, Doris Knoester is responsible for the settings of the program and she is the intermediate between ZooEasy and the club. As a preparation, she followed the course of ZooEasy Online: “In the beginning I was reluctant: I didn’t want to do anything wrong! In practice it was better than I expected. It is really user-friendly.”

“A good preparation is essential”
Doris Knoester has an important tip for associations who like to start with ZooEasy. “A good preparation is essential. Which data would you like to report and what should it look like? We have experienced that with double registered dogs and nests in our old database. If you have to correct that afterwards, it is a whole lot of work. ZooEasy has helped us a lot with this.”

ASCN profile

Profile of the Australian Shepherd.

“ZooEasy for the members”
The ASCN aims to open the ZooEasy database for all their members as soon as all the data is complete and up-to-date. Doris Knoester: “ZooEasy helps us to get more understanding of our population and we hope that in the future this information will be available for our breeding members. Just a little while ago I presented ZooEasy at our breeders meeting. The people were really enthusiastic and pleasantly surprised with this many data in the database!”Vo

Switching to ZooEasy Online?
Would you like to have more information? Visit our website at www.zooeasy.com or contact us by mail: info@zooeasy.com.

New customers for ZooEasy Online

Recently a few associations have joined ZooEasy as a new customer. ZooEasy introduces you to three of these new associations: The Dutch Chow Chow Club (Nederlandse Chow Chow Club (NCCC)), The Dutch Association for Domesticated Waterbird Breeders (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gedomesticeerde Watervogelfokkers (NVGW)) and the Nationwide Association for White Swiss Sheepdogs (Bundesverein für Weisse Schweizer Schäferhunde e.V.)

First waterbird breeding association
The Dutch Association for Domesticated Waterbird Breeders (NVGW) is the first waterbird breeding association that will use ZooEasy, thanks to the support of the Foundation For Rare Pet Breeds (Stichting Zeldzame Huisdieren) Edgar de Poel tells: “This is a special initiative, because small animal breeders have never worked on a combined population registration system before. This should contribute to the reduction of inbreeding and a better exchange of proper breeding stock between breeders.”

The NVGW unites breeders of Dutch and international domesticated ducks and geese breeds. A particular interesting project of this association is the reconstruction of the Twentse Landgans, a Dutch goose breed. In the heydays between 1850 and 1940, ten thousends of geese and goose products were traded and exported annually. Due to World War II the trade market stopped and the Twentse Landgans seemed to be extinct. Now the breed is doing better. Edgar de Poel: “The NVGW organises an annual summer breeders day and the breeders of the Twente Landgans have their own breeders day to exchange animals and to support breeders to select their breeding stock.”

Dutch Chow Chow Club
The Dutch Chow Chow Club (NCCC) was founded in 1941. The Dutch association does not have many members, but the Chow Chow has a great population worldwide. Many foreign Chow Chow have a Dutch ancestor on their pedigree.

Janneke Leunissen-Rooseboom is the secretary of the NCCC. “The main purpose is to provide breeders, stud owners and puppy buyers of all the (health) information that will be useful to make a good decision regarding the dogs. They will need to find that information independently. That is the way it goes nowadays. For a right decision we want to provide more information than just the official health records and a three generation pedigree. As an association, we want to provide that extra information. We hope that our members will share all the knowledge about their dogs with the NCCC database. ZooEasy will help us archiving all the data and will make it available for all those who will have benefit of this knowledge.”

Bundesverein für Weisse Schweizer Schäferhunde e.V.
The Bundesverein für Weisse Schweizer Schäferhunde e.V. (BVWS) is the latest customer from Germany. This is one of the first White Swiss Sheepdog associations of Europe and they have close bonds with associations in Switzerland and Sweden. The White Swiss sheepdog is very versatile and can be trained as companion, investigative or watchdog, but also for rescue operations. There are registered over 2000 dogs in the herd book. The goal is to improve the breeding of the White Swiss Sheepdog even more, to maintain a healthy and resilient breed.

ZooEasy is looking forward to cooperate with these associations and wishes them the best of luck with the start of their new online database.

The first online customer

Willem Stemerdink

Willem Stemerdink is the online manager for his association

ZooEasy has existed for ten years now. The customers of ZooEasy are spread over the entire world: from a bird breeder in Australia until a dog breeder in Sweden. There are sold over 15,000 stand alone software programs to hobby and (semi)professional breeders, and nowadays over 40 breeding associations and herd books are using ZooEasy Online. How did the first association came to ZooEasy?

Dutch Association for Stabij- and Wetterhounen
The Dutch Association for Stabij- and Wetterhounen (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stabij- en Wetterhounen, NVSW) celebrates their 65th anniversity. In the past the association had its own database in a homemade MS DOS program. This worked out well, until the manager of this program became ill and the program was no longer supported. They then tried the data manager of GCS, but that was also stand alone software. It was a lot of work to spread this information to all the members. Willem Stemerdink of the NVSW says: “We met Erik Reudink before on dog shows, so we had met before. As we needed another program and heard that he worked on an online version of his software, we contacted Erik. We started out with ZooEasy Stand Alone, and soon after that we changed to ZooEasy Online.”

“I like to help at hunting training”
Willem Stemerdink lives in the east of the Netherlands. He and his wife Ieke have two Stabijhounen. “My favourite part is the character of the dogs. Let me put it like this: they don’t deny their roots. The Stabij has their own opinion. My wife likes that about them too.” Although the dogs are particularly of his wife, Willem does a lot with them too: “I help out at hunting training. I let them exercise with retrieving, searching, pulling a drag track, and more. They have been bred for that purpose once.”

Rare and endangered species
Willem Stemerdink speaks enthusiastically about the Stabij: “This dog is getting more populair. There is an increased demand for puppies. Because the Stabij is a rare breed, the mating selection must be very precise to spread the genes.” The Wetterhoun is even more rare, it is an endangered breed. Willem: “There is a discussion about the Wetterhoun to choose for lateral crossbreeding of lookalikes. A gene population research has been started in order to crossbreed a new dog. However, it takes about 15 years before the bloodlines of this new dog will become a full Wetterhoun again. It is a hot issue right now, but introducing a new dog will be the begin of a healthier breed.”

“Members like it when a picture is included”
The use of ZooEasy Online helps the association to keep record of the health data. A fifth of all the members has their own ZooEasy Online account. Willem: “The members use ZooEasy especially to find a male dog for a new litter. What male dog looks good, how is the inbreeding? The members make their own trial breeding pair. They also like to see the show results of their own dogs. They like it when a picture is included on the dog’s data.”

Good cooperation
Willem Stemerdink is the manager for ZooEasy Online and he also registers new members in the online software. “The program is not so difficult, it just takes some time. I also answer the questions of our members, but usually they do not have questions. The program is very clear to them. If there is something I do not know, I can always ask Jan Vissinga of ZooEasy, which is always a good cooperation.” Willem knows one thing for sure: “If it is up to me and the members, we will be a customer of ZooEasy for a long time. We are satisfied. At the moment ZooEasy works on a way to make the stud request automatically, and with that feature the program will be even more complete.”

Willem Stemerdink met honden

Willem Stemerdink: “My favourite part is the character of the dogs.”

You can now read the complete series about the foundation of ZooEasy:
The interview with founder and director Erik Reudink.
The interview with Jacob Miedema, the very first customer.

Tips & Tricks

This column will give you useful tips and tricks on how to use ZooEasy. This time we got a tip from Paul Greeve, the ZooEasy Online manager of the Flatcoated Retriever Club (FRC).

The members log in on ZooEasy Online via the internet. Sometimes it occurs that someone cannot log onto his or her account, while others do not experience this problem. This problem often lies in the internet browser that has been used. Safari (Apple) for instance, works less well for ZooEasy Online. The members of associations and herd books may work best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Tip: installation of Mozilla Firefox on a MAC computer
MAC users are advised to install the free internet browser Mozilla Firefox. Search the list for the download button of your language and computer system. The download will start automatically. It is advised to have a Mac OS X 10.5 or higher with a Intel processor. More information and a video manual can be found on the help page of Firefox.

The MAC users of the Flatcoated Retriever Club can now continue using ZooEasy Online with this useful tip. Would you like to share your tips and tricks too? Then you can click on the right on the link: “Mail us”.