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At this moment the connection between our payment provider and Paypal is down. You can’t use Paypal now to order your new product. This is due to an incorrect interface between our payment system and Paypal. The issue is reported, but we don’t have a solution at a short term.

Would you like to make a payment to ZooEasy? Choose one of the other secure payment options such as Visa, Mastercard or a bank transfer.

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Easter: the best cute animal videos

Upcoming weekend it’s Easter. ZooEasy has selected the cutest animal videos for you, to get in the mood for Easter.

Mongoose looking for Easter eggs
Caretakers in the zoo are used to be creative to entertain their animals. The caretakers in this American Houston Zoo hide Easter eggs for their animals with something tasty for their mongoose. Will their curiosity and inventiveness help them to find their food?

Kitten plays with Easter eggs
Kittens are very curious. They enjoy to play and to discover new things. This cat owner has created a true Easter themed playground for their kitten. Isn’t it cute?

Easter bunny takes a bath
What would the Easter bunny do after a long day of hiding eggs? This rabbit knows it for sure: enjoying a long warm bath!

Happy Easter!

Which version is the best for me?

logo_zooeasyThese are exciting times for our team! In November we will release two new versions. Version 12 will be full of recognition for everyone who now uses version 11 or below. This will be the last version that can be installed on your computer. In addition we are working hard on ZooEasy Online, so you can register all your animals online in the very near future!

1. When will ZooEasy version 12 will be released?
Version 12 is the very last version that can be installed on your own computer. After this we will continue to develop online versions. At this moment, our fabulous team of testers is testing our new program. Version 12 follows mid-November 2014.

2. Can I use ZooEasy online?
After the release of Version 12 we will also release our whole new product. Soon you can put your animals in the cloud with ZooEasy Online. Imagine to login on your database with your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone! Extra handy: you won’t lose your data anymore after a computer crash! In addition we will develop an app for specific use on exhibitions and on the go.
Do mind: Version 12 cannot be used online.

3. Two new versions: which one is the best for me?
Version 12 will be installed on one computer. For ZooEasy Online you need to login to the ZooEasy website to access your own database. That’s the biggest difference.

ZooEasy Online Single User has many known functions, but Stand Alone users will miss some features, like finances and breeding cards. In the future we will add this functions. The biggest advantage is the online use of the program. This makes ZooEasy suitable for tablets like iPad, Apple computers and smartphones.

Version 12 is the improved version of your current program. This can be installed on your own computer. We recommend Version 12 for breeders of birds, pigeons and poultry. We also recommend Version 12 if the finances are important to you. In addition, this will be the very last version for your own computer. With the new version you are completely up to date with the newest features.

4. Did I see a new website design on Facebook?
That’s right! Glad you noticed! At the same time we will release ZooEasy Online Single User and the new website. The website will look nicer, up to date and really convenient.

5. Let us know what you think! 
Changes are always exciting. We think so too. Follow us on Faceook, Twitter or Google+ and tell us what you think!

We bring your two new versions of ZooEasy!

logo_zooeasyWe’ve got great news for all breeders! In November of this year we will not release one, but two new versions of ZooEasy. ZooEasy V12 will be the very last version that has to be installed on your own computer. We have improved the program so it’s even easier to use. We are proud to have made this program big so we can offer you this final version. That’s all thanks to the feedback and conversations with our faithful customers. Version 12 will be a true recognition for everyone who uses ZooEasy!

ZooEasy makes the big step to the cloud
Lots of our customers have told us they would love to use ZooEasy on their tablets, Apple computers and smartphones. We’re proud to tell you that those wishes will come true. We’ll release a whole new version of ZooEasy that allows you to put all your animals in the cloud: ZooEasy Single User. It’s based on the current program of ZooEasy Online. This program is currently used and recommended by many animal associations and organisations, like the American KuneKune Association, Herdenschutzhunde Schweiz and the Dutch Association of Stabij- and Wetterhounen. ZooEasy Single User can be used everywhere, at any time. Now you can add your new born hamsters on your tablet while you’re kneeling beside them, or upload the picture of your winning dog just after you’ve received the greatest prices at shows.

Be the first to use the new versions
ZooEasy will rise to the cloud at November this year for all breeders who use ZooEasy individually or as a group. You will always have 30 days to try it for free. ZooEasy Version 12 will be released a little later in this same month. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and be the first to try our newest versions.

Wanted: awesome animals with their owners!

Which breeders and animals will feature our new website?

Which breeders and animals will feature our new website?

These are exciting times at ZooEasy headquarters. In cooperation with Arjan Yspeert of YA! Internet Marketing, the Netherlands, we’re busy with several renewals for ZooEasy. We’re working on the development of ZooEasy version 12, so we can release this version at the end of this year. Also, we’re on Facebook now. Did you see the renewed style of the globe at the cover? That’s the first glimpse of what we’ll reveal for now!

Be a star on the new website
Our website will get a new look as well. And we would like to ask for your help. For the new website we’re looking for pictures of real breeders with their animals. Do you and your animal(s) would like to shine on our new website? We are looking forward to receive your pictures!

All pictures will be put on Facebook. From all the entries we will make a selection that will be used on the website. With your entry you agree that ZooEasy can use the images in all online communication.

We are looking forward to receive your greatest photos! You can send your pictures to:

New helpdesk employee

Since March 2013, the ZooEasy team has expanded with our new helpdesk employee Jolanda Kuiper. She is now working on all the questions about ZooEasy stand alone. In the near future she will also help answering questions about ZooEasy Online.

Jolanda Kuiper lives in Gelderland, a province of the Netherlands. Originally she is a goldsmith, but she also has much experience within the ICT. She loves animals. Jolanda Kuiper says: “Since my childhood I love animals. My grandparents had a farm, where I spent much time.” Nowadays Jolanda Kuiper lives with her family and an old cat in Gelderland. She also loves to take care of her Halflinger gelding and she is a sports masseur for healthy horses.

Jolanda Kuiper: “I am looking forward to know everything about the program, so I can help our customers to optimize their use of ZooEasy.”

Jacob Miedema: the very first costumer

Jacob Miedema

Jacob Miedema, bird breeder and first customer

ZooEasy has existed for ten years now. The customers of ZooEasy are spread over the entire world: from a bird breeder in Australia until a dog breeder in Sweden. There are sold over 15,000 stand alone software programs to hobby and (semi)professional breeders, and nowadays over 40 breeding associations and herd books are using ZooEasy Online. This series about the foundation of ZooEasy ends with the story of Jacob Miedema, the very first costumer.

Jacob Miedema (58) from Franeker, Holland, has always been a fanatic bird breeder. “I have been born and raised with it. My father owned canaries, but I was more a tropics kind of guy. It’s an addiction.” At his height, Jacob Miedema owned 200 birds. In the past years he has won many awards, he has given lectures and judged many birds. He is also closely involved in several functions at Volièrevereniging De Edelzanger in Franeker. Nowadays Jacob Miedema has taken things easier. He now owns about 50 birds, like Turqoise Parrots, swift parrots, starlings, zebra finches and quails. “It’s mainly for fun now.” Twice a day he makes a walk through his aviary: “Especially the quails are very close to me. They come right up to me and eat from my hand.”

Just a few people know that Jacob Miedema was also involved at the start of ZooEasy: “My friend Jan Weistra and me were breeding zebra finches at the time. Jan’s son knew Erik Reudink through their badminton association. Erik knew a lot about computers. Jan asked him if he could make a pedigree program. They asked me to join them, to give my opinion on the contents that are important for bird breeders. It was very devious, but Erik was good at DOS. Soon there were more functions available, like judging notes, features and characteristics, safety for the unique codes of the ring numbers. It was then called Ra-Bird.” Since then the program has developed more and more, until the name ZooEasy was released.

The secret is good bookkeeping
With his years of experience at bird breeding, Jacob Miedema has some tips for bird breeders: “It is important to keep good records. I always have a breeding book in my aviary. There I write everything down, and every season I put that in my computer. If you’re breeding birds for contests, you will have to look at the quality norms of the birds. The beauty of ZooEasy is that you can write down everything very accurately. This makes it easy to sort which characteristics like colour and patterns you would like to strengthen en preserve. You can also track and keep up with blood lines.”

Satisfied with what you have
The last ten years there hasn’t changed must in bird breeding. Jacob Miedema has become a wiser man on one topic: “I keep my birds longer to myself. If the quality of the birds is good, why should you want to discard them? In the old days everything had to be more and better. But at one point you should be satisfied with what you have.” A look back at 10 years ZooEasy brings up a lot of personal memories for Jacob Miedema: “I have bred and registered a lot of birds in ZooEasy. Most of these birds aren’t alive anymore, but their records are still there. I will keep on using ZooEasy as long as I have birds. It was just stupid of us that we didn’t ask for a part of the share at the beginning of ZooEasy.” Jacob Miedema laughs. “No, nonsense. Erik has done his job very well, and it has become a great company.”

Turquoisinne Parakeet

The Turquoise Parrot in the aviary of Jacob Miedema

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