Pricing and upgrade to ZooEasy Online

logo_zooeasyIn just a few weeks ZooEasy Online will be released. Here you can find the answer to some frequently asked questions.

I currently use ZooEase Stand Alone. Can I import all my data to ZooEasy Online?
At this moment ZooEasy Online doesn’t support this feature. This will be available starting on 1 February 2015. If you will upgrade from ZooEasy Stand Alone to ZooEasy Online, you won’t have to fill in all your data again. Your database will be imported automatically and without costs. This will safe you lots of work!

What if I would like to start over in ZooEasy Online?
That is possible. On 21 November you can start immediately with ZooEasy Online.

What will the new subscriptions cost?
The price for ZooEasy Online Single User will be $10,40 a month (or €8) (based on an annually subscription). This subscription gives access to 1 person to your own online database.

I use ZooEasy Stand Alone. I would like to upgrade to Version 12. But can I also upgrade to ZooEasy Online later?
If you upgrade to ZooEasy Online by 2015, you will receive $34 (or €25) discount once on your annual subscription.

A tour behind the scenes: version 12

Programmeren versie 12

Erik is programming the newest version of ZooEasy

Team ZooEasy has been working hard at the release of version 12. Because this will be the final version for the pc, we want everything to be perfect. You deserve the best. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Sorting all requests
You like to use ZooEasy, we love improving it. During the whole year we receive all your questions, requests and wishes for ZooEasy. We collect and select these questions. The selection is based on the technical feasibility. We then check if the request is applicable to one animal, or if it will benefit all animal species. We also count the request: the more often it is mentioned, the bigger the chance that this request will be developed. So keep on asking your questions, we like to know how important it is to you!

We also asked our 100 most active breeders to tell us what improvements they would like to see. From all over the world we got great ideas, like requests to make the search engine easier and to add multiple pictures to the breeding card. We also received many nice reactions and compliments about the program, like this one from a Dutch breeder: “I’ve been more than happy for several years. Just surprise me with your new version!”

Programming in silence, testing with our customers
The team started with all the new request. Eventually Erik used the summer to find a quiet place on the Dutch countryside to transform the selected requests in technical solutions. Now the new requests have been programmed. We’re now at that exciting point that everything will be tested within the team. Once V12 will get their stamp of approval, we will ask some experienced customers to use and test the new version. They will try all the things they usually do: adding new animals to their database, searching for contacts, adjusting breeding pairs and doing their finances in the new program. They will report all errors and issues so ZooEasy will solve them. We’re the best, so we only release the new version once we and our testers are sure everything works perfect.

ZooEasy pedigree with pictures version 12New features of Version 12
We have made Version 12 even easier to use. These are the most important improvements:

– The details of the breeder and/or owner can now also be requested at the detailed screen of an animal;
– With just one click it’s clear if the breeder is the owner or breeder of an animal;
– The list with animals can now be sorted in ascending and descending order;
– The pedigree now shows the uploaded picture of all generations;
– When an animal is younger than one month old, you can see how many days old it is;
– ZooEasy will also be available for Alpacas!

Be the first to use ZooEasy Version 12 in November
Version 12 will be released in November 2014. We know there will always be more wishes and requests, but this program is now fully finished. We are proud of all the developments and of course of all the breeders who have been loyal to us year after year. We love that our customers are so involved, share their opinions and tell all their fellow breeders how amazing ZooEasy is. We will take all your requests in account and put them on the new list for our new product: ZooEasy Single User.

For everyone who loves to have the final and best version of ZooEasy for the pc for one last time: we will release ZooEasy Version 12 at the end of November 2014!