A tour behind the scenes: version 12

Programmeren versie 12

Erik is programming the newest version of ZooEasy

Team ZooEasy has been working hard at the release of version 12. Because this will be the final version for the pc, we want everything to be perfect. You deserve the best. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Sorting all requests
You like to use ZooEasy, we love improving it. During the whole year we receive all your questions, requests and wishes for ZooEasy. We collect and select these questions. The selection is based on the technical feasibility. We then check if the request is applicable to one animal, or if it will benefit all animal species. We also count the request: the more often it is mentioned, the bigger the chance that this request will be developed. So keep on asking your questions, we like to know how important it is to you!

We also asked our 100 most active breeders to tell us what improvements they would like to see. From all over the world we got great ideas, like requests to make the search engine easier and to add multiple pictures to the breeding card. We also received many nice reactions and compliments about the program, like this one from a Dutch breeder: “I’ve been more than happy for several years. Just surprise me with your new version!”

Programming in silence, testing with our customers
The team started with all the new request. Eventually Erik used the summer to find a quiet place on the Dutch countryside to transform the selected requests in technical solutions. Now the new requests have been programmed. We’re now at that exciting point that everything will be tested within the team. Once V12 will get their stamp of approval, we will ask some experienced customers to use and test the new version. They will try all the things they usually do: adding new animals to their database, searching for contacts, adjusting breeding pairs and doing their finances in the new program. They will report all errors and issues so ZooEasy will solve them. We’re the best, so we only release the new version once we and our testers are sure everything works perfect.

ZooEasy pedigree with pictures version 12New features of Version 12
We have made Version 12 even easier to use. These are the most important improvements:

– The details of the breeder and/or owner can now also be requested at the detailed screen of an animal;
– With just one click it’s clear if the breeder is the owner or breeder of an animal;
– The list with animals can now be sorted in ascending and descending order;
– The pedigree now shows the uploaded picture of all generations;
– When an animal is younger than one month old, you can see how many days old it is;
– ZooEasy will also be available for Alpacas!

Be the first to use ZooEasy Version 12 in November
Version 12 will be released in November 2014. We know there will always be more wishes and requests, but this program is now fully finished. We are proud of all the developments and of course of all the breeders who have been loyal to us year after year. We love that our customers are so involved, share their opinions and tell all their fellow breeders how amazing ZooEasy is. We will take all your requests in account and put them on the new list for our new product: ZooEasy Single User.

For everyone who loves to have the final and best version of ZooEasy for the pc for one last time: we will release ZooEasy Version 12 at the end of November 2014!

We bring your two new versions of ZooEasy!

logo_zooeasyWe’ve got great news for all breeders! In November of this year we will not release one, but two new versions of ZooEasy. ZooEasy V12 will be the very last version that has to be installed on your own computer. We have improved the program so it’s even easier to use. We are proud to have made this program big so we can offer you this final version. That’s all thanks to the feedback and conversations with our faithful customers. Version 12 will be a true recognition for everyone who uses ZooEasy!

ZooEasy makes the big step to the cloud
Lots of our customers have told us they would love to use ZooEasy on their tablets, Apple computers and smartphones. We’re proud to tell you that those wishes will come true. We’ll release a whole new version of ZooEasy that allows you to put all your animals in the cloud: ZooEasy Single User. It’s based on the current program of ZooEasy Online. This program is currently used and recommended by many animal associations and organisations, like the American KuneKune Association, Herdenschutzhunde Schweiz and the Dutch Association of Stabij- and Wetterhounen. ZooEasy Single User can be used everywhere, at any time. Now you can add your new born hamsters on your tablet while you’re kneeling beside them, or upload the picture of your winning dog just after you’ve received the greatest prices at shows.

Be the first to use the new versions
ZooEasy will rise to the cloud at November this year for all breeders who use ZooEasy individually or as a group. You will always have 30 days to try it for free. ZooEasy Version 12 will be released a little later in this same month. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and be the first to try our newest versions.

Tips & Tricks: double registration numbers

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: how can you go faster when you’re entering registration numbers? How to avoid a double registration number?

All animals have their own registration number. Dogs have pedigree numbers, bird breeders use ring numbers and rabbits have earmarks. How can you speed up the process of entering data? And how can you add a double registration number?

Tip: Prefix
The Prefix function can accelerate the process of entering multiple registration numbers. The Prefix is a standard code of the registration number. Bird breeders may use a breeding number, rabbit breeders use an earmark. If the first part of the number is the same, it’s easy to put this in the system as your standard number. When adding a new animals to the database, you will only have to fill in the last unique number of that animal.

1. Go to File, System settings
2. Click on the tab General and pick your animal species
3. Here you can fill in the Prefix of the registration number
4. Click on OK

Trick: Avoiding double registration numbers
It does happen that a breeder needs to enter the same registration number or ring number as before. This might happen if one breeder uses ZooEasy for multiple breeds or with imported animals from foreign lands. This is also a common problem for rabbit breeders, because the earmarks can be re-used every ten years. However, in ZooEasy every registration number must be unique. The program checks this automatically. When a double registration number is entered, an error will occur.

The solution to this issue is to add extra information to this number. This can be 2 additional letters as an abbreviation of the breed, or the country of origin, or the numbers 14 for an animal born in 2014. Bird breeders can also add the ring size. This way double registration numbers can be added to ZooEasy, while the animal keeps his unique code.


Tips & Tricks: a new computer! But what to do next?

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: how to use the backup function to install your current database on the new computer.

Since Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft, lots of people have changed their computer or Windows version. Luckily ZooEasy works very well on other systems like Windows 7 and 8. Here is our support to help you installing ZooEasy on your new computer.

Tip: start right away with your own database
As a user of ZooEasy it’s very likely you already have your own database with all your animals. Before installing ZooEasy on your new computer, you will first have to make a backup of your current database. Put the backup on a flash drive or other portable device. After installing ZooEasy on the new computer you can activate the backup. Go the the menu File and choose Import data. Select the file ‘database’ on your flash drive and import this directly to your new computer. You can continue with your own database immediately.

Trick: make a new backup
Congratulations! You’ve installed everything right on your new computer. Now don’t forget to make a new backup, so your data is always save. Here’s how to make an backup automatically after closing ZooEasy:

1. Open ZooEasy
2. Go to File
3. Choose System Settings
4. Choose the tab Backup
5. Click on ‘Automatically create a backup before exiting ZooEasy’
6. Change the location of the backup. Click on the three dots to choose the right location. This cannot be the installation file of ZooEasy.
7. Click on Ok.

Now your files are save on the new computer. And to add a last trick: save the database on the flash drive and save your new backup there regularly. If something might happen to your (new) computer, your data will be save.

Useful link:Instruction for the installation of ZooEasy for cd or download versions.

Tips & Tricks: license information

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: license information

When purchasing ZooEasy you will always receive a seral number and an activation code. These two combined are called the license information. This information is neccessary to install the full version of the program. You will receive the license information by e-mail. It’s important to keep this well.

Tip: save the e-mail digitally
It’s practical to print the e-mail with the license information. It’s even easier to save the original e-mail. In this mail you will find practical links to (re) install ZooEasy quickly. You can save this e-mail digitally, for example in the folder where you have also kept your ZooEasy backup.

Trick: copy and paste the licence information
When (re) installing ZooEasy it’s possible to enter the license information manually. By using the functions ‘copy and paste’ on the computer, the information will be filled in quickly and without mistakes. It is important to copy both codes without spaces. The extra spaces will be read by the program, so the program will think the code is incorrect.

For filling in the license information you can follow these steps:
1. Go to the chapter Enter Licence information. Follow the instruction of the e-mail.
2. Select the serial number by putting the cursor in front of the serial number. Click on the left mouse button and hold it.
3. Move with the mouse over the serial code until the whole code is ‘blue’. (Please note that there hasn’t been copied ‘spaces’ before or after the serial code). Let go of the mouse button.
4. Click on the right mouse button. Choose ‘Copy’ in the menu that appears now.
5. Go to the screen ‘Licence’ of ZooEasy
6. Click with the left mouse button on the field ‘Serial code’. A cursor will appear
7. Click on the right mouse button and select in the menu ‘Paste’
8. Follow these same steps for the actication code and click on ‘Ok’

Now your program will be activated and you’re ready to use ZooEasy.

Wanted: awesome animals with their owners!

Which breeders and animals will feature our new website?

Which breeders and animals will feature our new website?

These are exciting times at ZooEasy headquarters. In cooperation with Arjan Yspeert of YA! Internet Marketing, the Netherlands, we’re busy with several renewals for ZooEasy. We’re working on the development of ZooEasy version 12, so we can release this version at the end of this year. Also, we’re on Facebook now. Did you see the renewed style of the globe at the cover? That’s the first glimpse of what we’ll reveal for now!

Be a star on the new website
Our website will get a new look as well. And we would like to ask for your help. For the new website we’re looking for pictures of real breeders with their animals. Do you and your animal(s) would like to shine on our new website? We are looking forward to receive your pictures!

All pictures will be put on Facebook. From all the entries we will make a selection that will be used on the website. With your entry you agree that ZooEasy can use the images in all online communication.

We are looking forward to receive your greatest photos! You can send your pictures to: femke@zooeasy.com

Important news for Stand Alone users

logo_zooeasyThis yearZooEasy does not release a new version for Stand Alone users. In the past year ZooEasy has been occupied with the further development of ZooEasy Online, which is used by many associations. The new version for Stand Alone users will be postponed until the end of 2014.

Subscription version 11 expended by one year for free
Do you use version 11? Your subscription has been extended by one year for free, so you can still use the helpdesk and updates.

More possibilities with version 11
Do you have an outdated version of ZooEasy? You can still use your database. You can also switch to version 11. This will give you new features, like editing multiple data at once for a group of animals, register the animals born dead or alive and much more. Read more. 

Discount for customers with version 10 and lower
Customers with version 10 and lower will receive 10% discount at ZooEasy Stand Alone. This offer is valid until the first of February 2014. In just a few steps you can switch to version 11 and start right away with your own trusted database:

1. Go to www.zooeasy.com and click on your animal of choice
2. Click on Order Now
3. Click on Subscriptions
4. Choose the Download or CD version and click on Order by Internet
5. Keep your client code or serial number at hand and fill in the form

ZooEasy wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy 2014!

New helpdesk employee

Since March 2013, the ZooEasy team has expanded with our new helpdesk employee Jolanda Kuiper. She is now working on all the questions about ZooEasy stand alone. In the near future she will also help answering questions about ZooEasy Online.

Jolanda Kuiper lives in Gelderland, a province of the Netherlands. Originally she is a goldsmith, but she also has much experience within the ICT. She loves animals. Jolanda Kuiper says: “Since my childhood I love animals. My grandparents had a farm, where I spent much time.” Nowadays Jolanda Kuiper lives with her family and an old cat in Gelderland. She also loves to take care of her Halflinger gelding and she is a sports masseur for healthy horses.

Jolanda Kuiper: “I am looking forward to know everything about the program, so I can help our customers to optimize their use of ZooEasy.”

“The members were pleasantly surprised with this many data in the database!”

Doris Knoester

Doris Knoester and her Australian Shepherd

More and more dog breeding associations use ZooEasy Online for their administration. Doris Knoester is the manager for the Australian Shepherd Club Netherlands (ASCN). “With ZooEasy we now have a nice tool to analyse and register all the data.”

Great references
The club has joined ZooEasy in 2011. Doris Knoester: “We were using GSC Datamanager, but we were looking for a complete package that would give us more certainty for the future regarding the continuity and development of more functionalities of the database.” Doris then asked other breeding associations for more information. “I liked the way ZooEasy looks from the start and it had great references.” The ASCN uses ZooEasy mostly to monitor the health data of the dogs, like DNA results and hip researches. Doris Knoester: “It is also nice that the program calculates all the kinship and inbreeding percentages.”

As the manager, Doris Knoester is responsible for the settings of the program and she is the intermediate between ZooEasy and the club. As a preparation, she followed the course of ZooEasy Online: “In the beginning I was reluctant: I didn’t want to do anything wrong! In practice it was better than I expected. It is really user-friendly.”

“A good preparation is essential”
Doris Knoester has an important tip for associations who like to start with ZooEasy. “A good preparation is essential. Which data would you like to report and what should it look like? We have experienced that with double registered dogs and nests in our old database. If you have to correct that afterwards, it is a whole lot of work. ZooEasy has helped us a lot with this.”

ASCN profile

Profile of the Australian Shepherd.

“ZooEasy for the members”
The ASCN aims to open the ZooEasy database for all their members as soon as all the data is complete and up-to-date. Doris Knoester: “ZooEasy helps us to get more understanding of our population and we hope that in the future this information will be available for our breeding members. Just a little while ago I presented ZooEasy at our breeders meeting. The people were really enthusiastic and pleasantly surprised with this many data in the database!”Vo

Switching to ZooEasy Online?
Would you like to have more information? Visit our website at www.zooeasy.com or contact us by mail: info@zooeasy.com.