Absence support during holidays

kerstkaartje-ZooEasyDuring the holidays we can’t be reached from 23th of December 2017 until 7st of January 2018. Maybe take a look at our frequently asked questions to see if you can solve it yourself:

ZooEasy stand alone: http://standalone.zooeasy.com/en/support/breeders/faq/index.html

ZooEasy Online:

We’ll be back Monday January 8, to answer all your questions again.
From all of us, a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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Do you know a breeder who has an old school way of keeping track of his animals? Or do you want to surprise someone with our pedigree-registration program? Order ZooEasy before January 31st 2018, with a discount of 20%!

Why is ZooEasy a good choice for animal breeders?
ZooEasy is an easy way to keep track of information on all your animals. You enter the name, exterior characteristics, a photo or anything else you’d like to keep track off. Enter the animals of the animals and the program will automatically generate a pedigree for you. ZooEasy Stand Alone will also calculate the inbreeding percentage (COI) for each animal. This will make you more capable of making better breeding choices and to prevent inbreeding. Are you interested in all these possibilities? Have a look on our and choose your species for more information.

Winter discount: 20%
Order ZooEasy Stand Alone now with a 20% discount:

  1. Click here or copy the following link in your browser: http://standalone.zooeasy.com/en/
  2. Choose species
  3. Click on Order now
  4. Choose the by you preferred way: Download or CD-rom
    Click on Order by Internet
  5. Enter the discount code: ZV13E (for English)
  6. Enter the rest of the information
  7. Check your information and Continue to payment.