New: ZooEasy Online is available now!

Screenshot new websiteThe new website of ZooEasy Online is available now! Visit our new website and take a look around. Register your animals online and improve breeding results with the new subscriptions of ZooEasy Online. Your files are available online. Login anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Check your records when you’re at a dog show or exchange your pedigrees with another rabbit breeder. And it’s nice to know you won’t risk to lose your data after a computer crash. It’s great news for associations, kennel clubs and individual breeders!

Online or Stand Alone?
Version 12 will be installed on one computer. For ZooEasy Online you need to login to the ZooEasy website to access your own database. That’s the biggest difference. Click here to compare the list of all features.

Upgrade from Stand Alone to Online
Are you ready to start ZooEasy Online? You can start right away with a new database. Would you like to import your own files to ZooEasy Online? Please wait until February 1, 2015, so you can import all your files at once.
Have you already bought Version 12? Congratulations! If you would chose an annual subscription of ZooEasy Online, you will receive 32 dollars, 20 pounds or 25 euro discount for your paid amount of Version 12.

Start your free trial now!
Start your 30 days free trial of ZooEasy Online now! And tell us on Facebookand Twitter what you think about it!

Please note: from now on all information about ZooEasy Online will be published on the new website. We’ll keep you informed about all developments about Version 12 on this blog.