Tips & Tricks: double registration numbers

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: how can you go faster when you’re entering registration numbers? How to avoid a double registration number?

All animals have their own registration number. Dogs have pedigree numbers, bird breeders use ring numbers and rabbits have earmarks. How can you speed up the process of entering data? And how can you add a double registration number?

Tip: Prefix
The Prefix function can accelerate the process of entering multiple registration numbers. The Prefix is a standard code of the registration number. Bird breeders may use a breeding number, rabbit breeders use an earmark. If the first part of the number is the same, it’s easy to put this in the system as your standard number. When adding a new animals to the database, you will only have to fill in the last unique number of that animal.

1. Go to File, System settings
2. Click on the tab General and pick your animal species
3. Here you can fill in the Prefix of the registration number
4. Click on OK

Trick: Avoiding double registration numbers
It does happen that a breeder needs to enter the same registration number or ring number as before. This might happen if one breeder uses ZooEasy for multiple breeds or with imported animals from foreign lands. This is also a common problem for rabbit breeders, because the earmarks can be re-used every ten years. However, in ZooEasy every registration number must be unique. The program checks this automatically. When a double registration number is entered, an error will occur.

The solution to this issue is to add extra information to this number. This can be 2 additional letters as an abbreviation of the breed, or the country of origin, or the numbers 14 for an animal born in 2014. Bird breeders can also add the ring size. This way double registration numbers can be added to ZooEasy, while the animal keeps his unique code.