Tips & Tricks: a new computer! But what to do next?

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: how to use the backup function to install your current database on the new computer.

Since Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft, lots of people have changed their computer or Windows version. Luckily ZooEasy works very well on other systems like Windows 7 and 8. Here is our support to help you installing ZooEasy on your new computer.

Tip: start right away with your own database
As a user of ZooEasy it’s very likely you already have your own database with all your animals. Before installing ZooEasy on your new computer, you will first have to make a backup of your current database. Put the backup on a flash drive or other portable device. After installing ZooEasy on the new computer you can activate the backup. Go the the menu File and choose Import data. Select the file ‘database’ on your flash drive and import this directly to your new computer. You can continue with your own database immediately.

Trick: make a new backup
Congratulations! You’ve installed everything right on your new computer. Now don’t forget to make a new backup, so your data is always save. Here’s how to make an backup automatically after closing ZooEasy:

1. Open ZooEasy
2. Go to File
3. Choose System Settings
4. Choose the tab Backup
5. Click on ‘Automatically create a backup before exiting ZooEasy’
6. Change the location of the backup. Click on the three dots to choose the right location. This cannot be the installation file of ZooEasy.
7. Click on Ok.

Now your files are save on the new computer. And to add a last trick: save the database on the flash drive and save your new backup there regularly. If something might happen to your (new) computer, your data will be save.

Useful link:Instruction for the installation of ZooEasy for cd or download versions.