Important news for Stand Alone users

logo_zooeasyThis yearZooEasy does not release a new version for Stand Alone users. In the past year ZooEasy has been occupied with the further development of ZooEasy Online, which is used by many associations. The new version for Stand Alone users will be postponed until the end of 2014.

Subscription version 11 expended by one year for free
Do you use version 11? Your subscription has been extended by one year for free, so you can still use the helpdesk and updates.

More possibilities with version 11
Do you have an outdated version of ZooEasy? You can still use your database. You can also switch to version 11. This will give you new features, like editing multiple data at once for a group of animals, register the animals born dead or alive and much more. Read more. 

Discount for customers with version 10 and lower
Customers with version 10 and lower will receive 10% discount at ZooEasy Stand Alone. This offer is valid until the first of February 2014. In just a few steps you can switch to version 11 and start right away with your own trusted database:

1. Go to and click on your animal of choice
2. Click on Order Now
3. Click on Subscriptions
4. Choose the Download or CD version and click on Order by Internet
5. Keep your client code or serial number at hand and fill in the form

ZooEasy wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy 2014!