Reminder: switch to version 11 before February 1st. and get a discount

From 1 February 2013 the following changes will aply to all customers who are using version 10 or lower:
– No free helpdesk support;
– Updates for older versions are no longer available;
–  Outdated licenses are no longer retrievable.

All customers who are using version 10 or lower have received a personal e-mail about these changes. To still be able to use all services of ZooEasy, they can switch to version 11 with discount until the first of February, 2013.

Last minute discount
Everyone who’ll switch to ZooEasy version 11 before 1 February 2013, will only pay 25 euros for the download version, or 30 euros for the CD version.*
After this period ZooEasy will increase the subscriptions to 29 euros for the download version and 35 euros for the CD version.

*Check the “Order now” and “Subscription” pages for the prices in US Dollars or British Pounds.

Buy version 11 now!
1. Go to and click in the Stand alone list on the animal species of your choice
2. Click on Order now
3. Click on Subscriptions
4. Choose Download or CD version and click on Order by Internet
5. Keep your client code or serial number at hand and fill in the form

Have you already purchased version 11? Then ZooEasy has already prolonged your subscription for one year, all for free. More information about this can be found on our blog.