Stand alone version 12 temporarily postponed

Since 2001 ZooEasy launched a new version of ZooEasy stand alone every year. For the first time there will not be a new version in December 2012. The reason for this is that ZooEasy has been occupied with further development of ZooEasy Online. As a result, there is insufficient capacity to develop a new stand alone version simultaneously. Therefore the development of version 12 will be postponed.

To avoid that no support is given in relation to the expiration date of the subscriptions, ZooEasy will extend the subscription of all users of version 11 by one year for free. This means that everyone who is currently using version 11 will still be able to use the helpdesk support and will receive free updates of version 11 (if you are using version 11!) for one year after the expiration date of the current subscription. You do not have to take action to get the free extension of your subscription. ZooEasy arranges this for you automatically.

If you are currently using an older version of ZooEasy, you can still keep doing that. However, all helpdesk support will expire for these older versions. If you do have issues with your older version, we recommend you to transfer to version 11. This is the procedure:

1. Open the Homepage in a new window.
2. Click on your animal species
3. Click on the left menu on: Order now
4. You will see the tab Subscriptions. Make your choice and click on Order by Internet
5. You can now continue with the data on the form.

As soon as version 12 is available, we will inform all users.