Last chance on discounted version 11

Yvonne Bijlsma has tested version 11

Yvonne Bijlsma has tested version 11

In December 2011 version 11 of ZooEasy Stand Alone has been released. If you are using an earlier version, this month is your last chance to purchase the latest version with discount. Because of the tenth anniversary of ZooEasy, we give you 10% discount on this latest version. This offer is valid until 1 February 2012.

Of course you can continue to use your current version of ZooEasy. But we have listened carefully to your needs and requests and we have applied some improvements.  Yvonne Bijlma, breeder from The Kiel, Netherlands, was one of our testers: “In this version the necessary things were adapted and added to the program. One of the new features contains the possibility to change information of groups of animals. I am also glad to see that you can register the fertilization and birth reports, and how many animals are born death or alive. These new features give me a complete overview in my database.”

Would you like to know what else features are new in version 11? Click on ZooEasy version 11 to read more!

Download version 11
You can order version 11 by following these steps:
– Click on home
– Click on your species
– In the left menu, click on ‘Order Now’
– Click on ‘Subscriptions’

When you will order ZooEasy version 11 online, please have your serial number or client code at hand.
Would you like to try out version 11 first? You can download the demo version which you can find on the information page of your species. We hope you will enjoy the new version!

Breeders on YouTube


Tip: "Give your pigeon the name of the band number."

The users of ZooEasy are active all over the world. We have found these three videos on YouTube, where two or our breeders tell about their experiences with ZooEasy.

The American J. Clarkson explains in his instruction video how you can easily add pigeons to ZooEasy.  In his second video, he has some tips that might become handy for any breeder. For example, he explains how to add new pictures without deleting earlier pictures, easily search for your pigeons and how to add new characteristics of your animals. He also has a brilliant tip for all photographers: give each picture the name of band number and save it like this on your computer. This way you now exactly which bird you have photographed.

In the Philippines, gamefowls  are almost as popular as soccer in Europe and football in the States. The television program Hataw Pinoy has a special interest in these species. In this video you see a news report about Boy Marzo. He was proclaimed breeder of the week. Mr. Marzo explains how he uses ZooEasy to get the best breeding results.

Have you seen a video on YouTube about breeding results, or tips on the use of ZooEasy? Please send your tip to!